Läste en bra artikel om SEO på Tutorial9, särskilt var det avsnittet nedan som fångade fångade min uppmärksamhet:

Google is Smarter Than You or I Will Ever Be

The job of a search engine is to find the most accurate results for a question input by a user (a search). Can you really convince yourself that in the long run, you’re going to outwit some of the brightest minds in this day and age who are programming these search engines?I didn’t think so.Fact is, you might actually be able to get a great search engine ranking really quick using some tactful strategies, but unless there is substance behind your blog, it’s going to be short-lived. And when you drop in the rankings, your viewership will take a very hard hit.

When you build for the user though, you won’t take a hard hit if you suffer in rankings thanks to your strong foundation. You’ll see improvements in the long run actually, and a lot of the new viewers you see from Search Engines will probably stick around, and perhaps even bookmark you.